Retina Treatment @ Laxmi

At Laxmi Eye we can boast about offering the most advanced treatment for all retinal diseases.

The multi-spot pattern scanning green laser VISULAS 532s™ by Carl Zeiss™, Germany, takes pride of place here.

Focused light energy is delivered to the retina in an extremely controlled manner, with reproducible clinical results. The entire procedure is done in the OPD and may take between 5 and 15 minutes. It is painless, and there are no restrictions on one’s activities after the procedure.

LASER energy is used to target microscopic areas of the retina in diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), retinal vein blockages (BRVO and CRVO), central serous retinopathy (CSR), and many others.

Intravitreal Injections
Certain drugs can only reach the retina if they are injected directly into the eye, rather than being given as eye drops or tablets. This also minimizes the risk of any side-effects in other parts of the body. Vision can improve dramatically with their use. Commonly used drugs are Accentrix™ (formerly Lucentis™), Avastin™, Ozurdex™, Eylea™, and triamcinolone. At Laxmi Eye, we administer these injections in the operating theatre, maintaining the strictest hygienic conditions.

These drugs mainly act by reducing retinal leakage and swelling in diseases like Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, retinal vein blockages (BRVO and CRVO), and uveitis.

Retinal Surgery
Retinal surgery is the last resort in many retinal diseases. Some diseases like Retinal Detachment (RD) can only be treated by surgery. Surgery can often produce dramatic improvement in vision.

Retinal surgery is a highly delicate and skilled operation, requiring specialized equipment that Laxmi Eye is proud to possess the very best of. These include the Accurus™ vitrectomy machine by Alcon™, USA, and the BiOM™ viewing system by Oculus™, Germany.

Laxmi Eye can also boast of some of the best-trained retinal surgeons in the field, backed with years of experience.

Our surgeons are experts at Micro-Incisional Vitrectomy Surgery (MIVS), in which the incisions made are smaller than in any other surgery anywhere in the body!

Retinal surgery at Laxmi Eye is made quick and painless in a dedicated operating theatre, and is routinely performed on day-care basis without any need for admission.